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In the name of Allah, the Everliving, the Sustainer of existence, neither drowsiness overtakes him nor sleep and to him belongs whatever is in the heaven and on the earth. 
Blessing and Salutation upon the noble prophet Muhammad (saw), his household, his companions and those who follow them in righteousness till the day of reckoning. Amin
It is with the deepest sense of gratitude to Almighty Allah for his perpetual mercies and unconditional love that has been keeping me more safe, healthy and strong over the years. And this has also brought me far to this point in my life, which bestowed me with the mantle of leadership, service and responsibility to this unified Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria (MSSN) Okuku campus chapter. 

My sincere gratitude goes to our amiable and humble Chancellor, vice chancellor, chief imams, staff advisers, muslim and non muslim lecturers, staffs, past and present amirs, amiras, and MSSN executives as well as all those who has an affiliation with MSSN, who has been working assiduously and tremendously, solely for the sake of Allah towards developing MSSN at large. 

Since every success of a particular leader is directly proportionate to the efforts of his members, I therefore spread my thanks to all my committed, submissive and active members, your cooperations and supports since the beginning of this administration cannot be underestimated.

We humbly show our gratitude to the Muslim communities and our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters both at the central level and at various campuses, for indeed your unflinching efforts and support can't be stressed enough. 

We also wish to thank all our past and present Muslim colleagues at various neighboring alma maters for your contributions and supports over the years, may almighty Allah reward you all abundantly both in this Duniyah and the Akhirah. 

This present administration have been working tirelessly and assiduously towards propagating and developing Islam on campus among Muslim students by widen the horizon of Muslim students in the sphere of Islam and academics via the development of new and existing projects towards achieving the predetermined goals of MSSN. 
We're seeking for the cooperation and support of everyone at every point in time as we're striving hard towards making MSSN Okuku campus improve immensely in its greatness.

We shall always have our hands open to viable and innovative ideas within the ambit of Islamic Jurisprudence towards the development of MSSN. 
Conclusively, by the special grace of almighty Allah, MSSN shall always open her doors of assistance for all Muslim students, when they are desperately in need of academic, financial, non financial and spiritual(religion) supports. 

On these web pages, you will find relevant information on various units of the Society, as well as information on our Islamic programmes. Some of these pages are still being developed and if you cannot find what you want during this visit, you can send a mail to the webmaster by filling the form on the CONTACT PAGE or to me directly on my WHATSAPP CONTACT, click on the three lines button at the top right to see more!

Thank you all, may Almighty Allah bless MSSN at large. 

Ajiboye Mahfouse Afolabi 
Amir MSSN Okuku Campus
 2019/2020 Session.

The history of MSSN

About Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN)

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) was founded in Lagos, Nigeria on 18 th April, 1954, in response to the yearnings of Muslim students for a platform to discuss and find solutions to their common problems and challenges, especially in the face of hostile colonial and evangelical environment then prevalent in the country. The organisationhas continued to adapt and respond to the changing challenges and needs of its members and the Nigeria Muslim community in general.

The founders and initiators were then students in notable secondary schools in Lagos. MSSN has since grown in leaps and bounds to be the largest organisation (religious or otherwise) in West Africa with millions as members. Membership is drawn from nearly all primary and post primary institutions in Nigeria where it has branches. Central branches are also created to accommodate those who have left schools but are still desirous of remaining within the fold of MSSN.

The contributions of MSSN to national development are enormous and these include serving as a potent tool of national unity and cohesion. Apart from its membership that cuts across all the geographical and ethnic barriers, MSSN is promoting national integration and building bridges through its programmes and activities that emphasize the brotherhood of Islam, in particular, and mankind in general. Furthermore, the society has continued to produce generation of outstanding leaders in all spheres of national life (Education, the Professions, Entrepreneurship, Public Service, etc) whilst defining and encouraging adherence to certain minimum standards of national ethos. The society has remained a pressure group working for the advancement of the interests of Muslims and Islam. Indeed, past members of MSSN occupy leadership of virtually all leading Islamic organisations in Nigeria.

MSSN achievements transcend the boundaries of Nigeria. It played leading roles in the formation of international students organisations such as International Islamic Federation of Students Organisations ( IIFSO) based in Saudi Arabia, the International Institute of Islamic Thought ( IIIT) with headquarters in United States of America and served as inspiration to the formation of others in different parts of the world, including Muslim Students’ Association ( MSA) of Canada and America. The society is affiliated to many local and international organisations whose aims and objectives are in consonance with its.

Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) and its constitution are registered with appropriate organs of the government of the federation of Nigeria

Jihad and Ramadan Iftar

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MSSN Blog page

18 Apr 2020

MSSN @66: Achievements and journey ahead by Jameel Muhammad (National Amir)

THE Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria popularly referred to as MSSN was established on April 18 , 1954 and was officially launched at the Ansaruddeen Alakoro Mosque School Hall,  Lagos on 30 May 1954 amidst prayer, joy and exhortation. The antecedents of this noble struggle could be traced to the effort of the triumvirate of Tajudeen Adisa Aromoshodu, Sumola Akin Luguda and Abdurrahman Alade Sahid of the then Methodist Boys High School, Lagos.
The idea of setting up an organization for Muslim students was born out of Muslims’ desires to safeguard their religious.

fundamentals, culture and identity from the twin effects of forceful evangelization and alluring Christian activities. The history of colonial education in Nigeria had a remarkably coincidental relationship with Christian evangelism. As such, Muslim students at the initial stage had to study under the tutelage of Christian missionary society schools. The prevalent situation at that time necessitated Muslims to study under a very hostile environment where some of those students were reported to have changed their religion. Others who were steadfast and were willing to pursue their academic activities were forced to change their names. It was this type of forceful evangelization coupled with alluring activities that made the aforementioned trio to come together and call for the establishment of an organization whose principal aim was to serve as a rallying point and a platform for organized and concerted Da’awa activities in our educational institutions and a source for religious fulfillment for Muslim students.

Within a year of the Society’s formation ie in 1955, its branches spread to cover more schools in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, llesha, Ijebu-Ode, and Ikorodu. Two years later, the Society’s presence covered virtually all government schools in the North.
At the first conference of the society held in 1955, which was declared opened by Oba Adeniji Adele II of Lagos, Brother Abdullateef Adegbite and Brother A.R.A Sahid were elected as the 1st National President and Secretary General respectively. Also at the conference, the late Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello; Alhaji A.R.A. Smith of Ilesha; Dr. S.O. Biobaku; Alhaji Inuwa Wada, then Minister of Works; Mrs H.M. Shodeinde, M.B.E. and Alhaji Hummu Alaga of Ibadan were appointed patrons and patronesses of the society. 

The contributions of the MSSN to national development are enormous and these include, among other things, serving as a potent tool of national unity and cohesion. Apart from its membership that cuts across all the geographical and ethnic barriers, the MSSN promotes national integration and building  bridges through its programmes and activities that emphasize the brotherhood of Islam, in particular, and mankind in general. 
Furthermore, the society has continued to produce generations of outstanding leaders in all spheres of national life, whilst defining and encouraging adherence to certain minimum standards of national ethos. The Society remains a pressure group working for the advancement of the interests of Muslims and Islam. Indeed, past members of the MSSN occupy leadership of virtually all leading Islamic organisations in Nigeria today.Another notable achievement of the Society is the creation of confidence in the vast majority of Muslim students who openly and proudly proclaim their identities as Muslims. It was also the first Muslim organization in the country to spearhead the use of Hijab by educated female Muslims.The Society has been able to consistently produce Muslim students who are a synthesis of scholarship and morality. In virtually all spheres of life in the country, the Society has contributed valuable, reliable and progressive personalities, be it in governance, education sector, and other fields of endaevour. The Society has largely been responsible for setting of the agenda of both the campuses and the larger environment. In a country rent by divisive ethnic sentiments, the Society has built robust brotherhood that has remained unprofaned and unassailable by the virus of ethnic bigotry. The friendship generated by the Society is real and deep. The Society has groomed a crop of leadership that is not just Spartan but renders altruistic and selfless service. The Society has always made valuable contributions in the areas of good governance, justice, and in fighting corruption, oppression and immorality. It has also responded to issues of national and international interest. The Society either nurtured or provided manpower for virtually all the Muslim organizations that exist in the country today. 

Moreover, MSSN was instrumental to the formation of many international organizations such as the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) in Jeddah, the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in the USA, The Muslim Students’ Association of Canada and America as well as the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). 

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) is registered with the Cooperate affairs commission of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 
This Society today has had 63 impact full years of activities. Alhamdulillah for the journey so far. Ma shaa Allah for the achievements recorded and in shaa Allah for the journey ahead. 



Muhammad Jameel Muhammad 

National Amir

07017204555, 08165494634, 08036067576


Islamic stories


Sultan Murad IV, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1623-1640, would often anonymously go into the midst of the people and see their state. One evening, he felt an uneasiness in himself and the urge to go out. He called for his head of security and out they went. They came to a busy vicinity, and found a man lying on the ground. The Sultan prodded him but he was dead and the people were going about their own business. Nobody seemed to care about the dead man lying on the ground.

The Sultan called upon the people. They didn't recognise him and asked him what he wanted. He said, "Why is this man lying dead on the ground and why does no one seem to care? Where is his family?"

They replied, "He is so and so, the drunkard and fornicator!"

The Sultan said, "Is he not from the Ummah of Muhammad (saw)? Now help me carry him to his house."

The people carried the dead man with the Sultan to his house and once they reached, they all left. The Sultan and his assistant remained. When the man's wife saw his dead body, she began weeping. She said to his dead body, "May Allah have mercy on you! O friend of Allah! I bear witness that you are from the pious ones."

The Sultan was bewildered. He said, "How is he from the pious ones when the people say such and such about him? So much so that no one even cared he was dead!"

She replied, "I was expecting that. My husband would go to the tavern every night and buy as much wine as he could. He would then bring it home and pour it all down the drain. He would then say, 'I saved the Muslims a little today.' He would then go to a prostitute, give her some money and tell her to close her door till the morning. He would then return home for a second time and say, 'Today, I saved a young woman and the youth of the believers from vice.'"

The people would see him buying wine and they would see him going to the prostitutes and they would consequently talk about him. One day I said to him, "When you die, there will be no one to bathe you, there will be no one to pray over you and there will be no one to bury you!"

He laughed and replied, "Don't fear, the Sultan of the believers, along with the pious ones shall pray over my body."

The Sultan began to cry. He said, "By Allah! He has said the truth, for I am Sultan Murad. Tomorrow we shall bathe him, pray over him and bury him."

And it so happened that the Sultan, the scholars, the pious people and the masses prayed over him.

We judge people by what we see and what we hear from others. Only if we were to see what was concealed in their hearts, a secret between them and their Lord. If Allah knows, why does it matter who knows and who doesn't know?!

"O you who believe, abstain from many of the suspicions. Some suspicions are sins. And do not be curious (to find out faults of others), and do not backbite one another. Does one of you like that he eats the flesh of his dead brother? You would abhor it. And fear Allah. Surely Allah is Most-Relenting, Very-Merciful." (49:12)


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